EIA: US Retail On-Highway Diesel Up 1.1cts to 7wks High
11/12 3:50 PM
EIA: US Retail On-Highway Diesel Up 1.1cts to 7wks High OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) --- Energy Information Administration data shows the national average for on-highway diesel fuel rose 1.1cts in the week ended Monday (11/11) to $3.073 gallon, a seven week high but 24.4cts lower than the same week in 2018. On-highway diesel fuel prices rose across all the major PADDs except for the Gulf Coast PADD 3, which was unchanged at $2.795 gallon. The Rocky Mountain PADD 4 again posted the greatest week-on-week gain, rising 3.7cts to $3.203 gallon, the highest price since the week ended Dec. 10, 2018 at $3.239 gallon. The price point is 17.5cts below a year ago. EIA data show the Midwest PADD 2 on-highway diesel fuel price gained 1.7cts to $2.972 gallon, a six-week high though 29cts lower than last year. According to the agency, the East Coast PADD 1 price point added 0.9cts to $3.050 gallon, down 26.4cts from the corresponding week in 2018. The New England PADD 1A retail diesel average at $3.042 gallon moved up 0.8cts on the week. The Central Atlantic states in PADD 1B saw the average edge up 0.1cts to $3.245 gallon for the week profiled while the Lower Atlantic PADD 1C retail diesel price rose 1.4cts to $2.919 gallon. At $3.758 gallon, data show the West Coast PADD 5 price point increased 1.2cts on the week to a 23-week high while down about 5cts from a year earlier. In the Pacific Northwest, the diesel average climbed 2.2cts to $3.435 gallon while the average in California added 0.3cts to $4.014 gallon. (c) 2019 DTN. All rights reserved.
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