ADM, Syngenta MOU Supports Low Carbon NextGen Oilseeds
9/28 8:36 AM
ADM, Syngenta MOU Supports Low Carbon NextGen Oilseeds OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) --- ADM and Syngenta Group have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate in scaling research and commercialization of low-carbon intensity next generation oil seeds and improved varieties to help meet demand for biofuels and other sustainably-sourced products. The MoU envisions a collaboration in which ADM and Syngenta would leverage their existing capabilities to accelerate the research, processing, and commercialization of new, low carbon-intensity oilseeds, such as Camelina, that are typically grown in the fallow period of a crop rotation. The companies have broad capabilities including: Syngenta's R&D engine, which offers biotechnology support, seed treatments and biologicals that further reduce the carbon intensity of crops, and agronomic knowledge from a network of local, field experts combined with excellent farmer relationships; ADM's global scale and logistical expertise, including unparalleled production and storage capabilities, a vast logistical network, and relationships with growers and customers spanning food, feed, fuel, industrial and consumer products. ADM and Syngenta envision fostering partnership with additional companies to support the creation, commercialization, and processing of next-generation oilseeds. The companies expect to sign definitive agreements by the end of the year and are already advancing important work together around growing and processing next-generation varieties. (c) Copyright 2023 DTN, LLC. All rights reserved.
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