Enterprise's SPOT Project Receives Record of Decision
11/30 1:21 PM
Enterprise's SPOT Project Receives Record of Decision OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) --- Enterprise Products Partners L.P. today announced that its Sea Port Oil Terminal project recently received its Record of Decision from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration in accordance with the provisions of the Deepwater Port Act of 1974. The receipt of the ROD is a significant milestone in the process to obtain a license for SPOT under the Deepwater Port Act. The proposed SPOT project is comprised of a fixed-platform, deepwater port marine terminal in the Gulf of Mexico that will be connected to an onshore crude oil storage facility with approximately 4.8 million bbl of capacity in Brazoria County, Texas. The platform will be located approximately 30 nautical miles off the coast of Texas in approximately 115-feet of water. The platform will be connected to the onshore storage facility by two 36-inch, bidirectional pipelines. SPOT is designed to load Very Large Crude Carriers and other crude oil tankers at rates up to 85,000 bbl per hour. SPOT is designed to reduce carbon dioxide and volatile organic compound emissions by approximately 65% and 94%, respectively, compared to current industry practices. Enterprise will begin work immediately to satisfy the remining conditions to obtain the deepwater port license in 2023. Remaining conditions include routine construction, operating and decommissioning guarantees, submission of public outreach, wetland restoration and VOC monitoring plans, and other state approvals. The Maritime Administration has indicated it will work with SPOT to address and satisfy the conditions of approval for the issuance of the license. (c) Copyright 2022 DTN, LLC. All rights reserved.
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