NYH Spot Oil Products End Mixed, Post Losses at the Gulf
3/22 5:43 PM
NYH Spot Oil Products End Mixed, Post Losses at the Gulf BURLINGTON, Vt. (DTN) -- Open market gasoline and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel prices posted mixed results in limited pre-weekend trading in New York Harbor, registered moderate losses in Gulf Coast gasoline and sizable declines in diesel fuel prices in both spot market trading arenas Friday afternoon. New York Mercantile Exchange May crude oil futures closed a volatile week of paper trading down $0.94 at $59.04 bbl, but for the week climbed $0.72 bbl. April RBOB futures edged 0.56cts into positive territory to $1.9259 gallon at settlement, and posted a 6.82cts gain on the week. Front month ULSD futures backpedaled 2.12cts to $1.9659 gallon at the regular session close, and ended the week marginally lower. Gulf Coast M2 9.0-lb. regular no lead drifted down 0.2cts to $1.8946 gallon, trading 0.45cts over the May RBOB futures contract for shipment on Colonial Pipelines 19th cycle. Suboctane 9.0-lb. A2 regular CBOB finished the day little changed at $1.8501 gallon on a prompt cycle CPL deal closed at a 4.0cts MERC discount, and 7.8psi RVP dropped 150pts in cash differential and 1.90cts in spot price to $1.9326 gallon, selling at a 4.25cts May futures premium for prompt cycle Colonial Pipeline consignment. New York Harbor 13.5-lb. RBOB recorded a 1.19cts loss at $1.8159 gallon, reportedly trading for cycle 093e Buckeye Pipeline transport at an 11.0cts April futures discount, and conventional unleaded regular ramped up 0.56cts to $1.8684 gallon, changing hands at a 5.75cts MERC discount for a 14th cycle Colonial Pipeline 25,000 bbl delivered batch. ULSD 62-grade at the Gulf Coast tumbled 2.17cts to $1.9234 gallon, trading in front of 18th cycle Colonial Pipeline tender deadlines at a 4.25cts April futures discount. New York Harbor ULSD was offered at par with spot month futures for barge AND Buckeye Pipeline transport that backed spot price down 2.37cts to a notional $1.9634 gallon. G. Bud deGorgue, 1.802.524.1784, bud.degorgue@dtn.com, www.dtn.com. (c) 2019 DTN. All rights reserved.
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