Colonial Prorates Cycle 36 Line 17, 20, 29 Tenders
6/14 6:48 AM
Colonial Prorates Cycle 36 Line 17, 20, 29 Tenders BURLINGTON, Vt. (DTN) -- Colonial Pipeline has announced an allocation on Line 17 and 29 mixed product tenders for cycle 36, and for distillate transport on Line 20. Shippers should confirm or resubmit nominations by the close of business today for Lines 17 and 29, and for Line 20 distillates for 36th cycle shipments. Nominations should be updated to a level no greater than the committed volume. Line-Segment 17 traverses from Atlanta Junction to Bainbridge Junction, Line 29 from Belton to North Augusta and Line 20 from Atlanta Junction to Nashville. The Colonial Pipeline runs from Houston, Texas, through the southeast and north, terminating in Linden, New Jersey, collecting gasoline and distillates from refineries in the Houston and Lake Charles, Louisiana, areas. (c) 2019 DTN. All rights reserved.
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