CEC: California Mandated Gasoline Output DN again Late May
6/04 6:48 AM
CEC: California Mandated Gasoline Output DN again Late May OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) --- California mandated reformulated gasoline production declined for a second week, down 3.8% in the final week of May, according to the California Energy Commission's latest Weekly Fuels Report. Data show CARB RFG production fell 167,000 bbl to 4.278 million bbl in the week ended May 29, down 34.3% from the corresponding week in 2019. CARB RFG inventories also continued lower, falling 392,000 bbl to 5.495 million bbl, a 9.3% year-over-year supply deficit. CEC reports production of gasoline for export out-of-state held higher, up 102,000 bbl to 828,000 bbl while supply of the fuel rose 248,000 bbl to 1.296 million bbl. Supply of gasoline blending components rose for the first time in eight weeks, up 310,000 bbl to 4.883 million bbl in the week profiled. CARB ULSD production edged up 29,000 bbl to 1.420 million bbl in the week ended May 29, 25.4% lower than output a year earlier while production of ULSD for export out-of-state increased 95,000 bbl to 625,000 bbl. CEC reported CARB ULSD supply posted a third straight weekly build, up 142,000 bbl to 2.757 million bbl last week, 25% above a year ago. Stocks of ULSD meeting federal standards fell 194,000 bbl to 1.578 million bbl. Jet fuel production in the state edged higher a fourth week, up 1.2% to 602,000 bbl, 74.1% below the same time in 2019. Supply of the fuel was again low, falling 105,000 to 2.778 million bbl. State refiners again reduced crude inputs, which were down 127,000 bbl to 7.730 million bbl in the week ended May 29. Crude oil inputs were 36.5% below the same week a year ago. The data show crude oil supply was drawn down 130,000 bbl to 16.606 million bbl. (c) Copyright 2020 DTN, LLC. All rights reserved.
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